ScaleHub’s 2021: 6 stellar highlights

If 2020 was a challenging year of global isolation due to the pandemic, then 2021 was a year of navigating its aftermath and adjusting to ever-changing connective restrictions.

But like 2020, 2021 was a year of unprecedented growth and increased innovation. And we’d like to take a brief pause to look back at the many significant accomplishments from this past year—to celebrate and reflect on how far our business has come.

6 ScaleHub highlights to close out 2021

Our organization relies on the interconnectivity of global partners. Though faced with another challenging year, full of varying obstacles due to intermittent pandemic surges, ScaleHub grew its offering, gained new partnerships and hires, expanded our reach, saw significant client wins, and received recognition for our continued growth and innovative work.

1) Expanded offering through BPO crowds

If you’ve followed this blog, you’ve likely read about our BPO crowd offering we developed and launched this year in our BPO Crowd Boost Series. Over the past year, this offering has grown to include ten diverse BPOs in 25 countries—each with its own unique specialization or service. BPOs such as Tropper, Radiodata, BUSERDI, Upsource, SIBS and DIGI-TEXX help us fulfill the specific needs of our clients. And this group is only getting bigger—we’re excited to see even more growth of this dynamic offering in 2022.

2) Expansion into Southeast Asia

With existing subsidiaries in both the US and Bulgaria, and our headquarters in Norderstedt, Germany, ScaleHub’s executive management was excited to announce the company’s expansion to the Southeast Asia and Oceania regions, headquartered in Australia. We look forward to working in this dynamic region, as well as to our continued global development!

3) New client wins

Our success only occurs through our clients’ successes. This year we were thrilled to see many client wins in all of our target markets—including BPOs & SSC for insurers—as well as several exciting government contracts.

4) ScaleHub team growth

This year, we welcomed more members to our growing team, such as Matthias Bahro, Konstantin GochevDilyan Lyubomirov, and Nicolas Jancke. And, stay tuned for more growth in 2022. We’re excited to welcome two more team members in January: Susanne Richter-Wills and Claus Meggers.

5) New partners

New offerings, hires, expansions, and client wins aside; we were thrilled to form many new partnerships. Our partners unite with us in the common belief of achieving outstanding results for all parties. This year we welcomed multiple organizations to our partner program, including Dyanix, Tractable, ActivBold, and IBM.

6) Recognition from the global community

It was an honor to have been recognized this year as a quickly growing, innovative business. Our recognitions include a listing as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe by the Financial Times. ScaleHub also received the Innovation Index Award from Deep Analysis. And for the second consecutive year, we were recognized as a Growth Champion by FOCUS and statista.

To 2022 & beyond

No doubt about it: this was an amazing year for ScaleHub. Our gratitude goes to the customers that make our organization possible and their belief in leveraging both technology and human input with the power of crowdsourcing.

We wish all of you a happy holiday season, and we’re excited for what’s to come in 2022!

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