100% automation of your most challenging forms

with ScaleHub's automated forms processing

At last: full automation of form classification and data extraction.

By combining artificial and human intelligence, ScaleHub delivers the un-gettable get: 100% automation, even of your most complex forms. ‌Bring us your damaged, variable, handwritten, and oddly formatted. We can process any volume of forms in as little as one hour at an accuracy rate higher than 99%—guaranteed. ‌

your benefits


on-demand workforce of 2.3 million

No more scrambling for temporary staff. Easily manage workload fluctuations with the largest network of on-demand crowd contributors.


guaranteed 100% automation

Make better decisions, faster. With 100% form automation you’re tapping into previously uncharted data sources, and can quickly make truly informed decisions.



‌Drastically cut the time required to process forms, and you can respond in turnaround times that will surprise and delight customers.


immediate value

ScaleHub requires a fraction of the setup time needed for traditional IDP solutions and none of the capital expenditure.


assured data privacy

By providing only snippets to the crowd and scrambling highly sensitive information, we ensure your patients’ data remains private and secure.

how it works

Structured forms – such as tax forms, census forms and insurance claims – are shared with our ScaleHub portal in your preferred way and format.

Forms are classified automatically utilizing our self-learning technology. Exceptions, like unreadable or incomplete forms, are routed to a standard web-based, manual workflow and handled by your choice of crowd. When sent to a public crowd, all data is randomized into non-contextual snippets and verified in the crowd using a secure web browser. Highly sensitive information can be scrambled for full security or sent to a private crowd.

If complete documents should not leave your system, you can opt for ScaleHub’s local classification and snippeting solution. This way, only exceptions are then routed to the crowd.

All data is ultimately exported into your preferred location in the exact format needed.

ScaleHub’s automated forms processing

Watch how ScaleHub delivers the un-gettable get: 100% automation of even your most complex forms at any volume in as little as one hour.


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"We've easily saved 30% YOY. The overhead of doing document verification in house would have been astronomical compared to our ScaleHub solution. We've been able to completely differentiate ourselves. Today, we have the leading financial aid solution in the private education market."

Matt Zachs

 SVP R&D, Education & Nonprofit Solutions,
Community Brands

human-in-the-loop for optimal results

To ensure the highest-possible accuracy of any information provided, we combine human and machine data extraction results. They can be compared and weighted, enabling you to attain optimal data accuracy.

frequently asked questions

Historically, form automation refers to the process of automatically creating and filling out forms online so that users can quickly and easily submit information. However, what we mean when we use the term “form automation” is automated classification (think: type of form) and form data extraction.

Literally any. Because ScaleHub has created a novel way to pull humans into the automation loop, we can process forms with issues infamous for tripping up OCR or AI alone solutions. What kind of issues? Forms with handwriting, multiple languages (even character-based languages), and hand-drawn sketches. Basically anything that might make a form hard to read, from a torn-then-scanned document to a badly scanned form to formatting like watermarks, notary stamps, and logos.

That’s part of the beauty of ScaleHub. Our solutions can replace what you have or easily work with your existing solutions. For example, we have several BPO customers that only use our managed service to extract data that is more time sensitive than the other data they’re extracting from forms. Another example is an insurance provider who uses in-house staff to process claims, but for data privacy reasons does not want them to be able to see the more sensitive data like account numbers and social security numbers. For this customer, we scramble the data identified as sensitive before sending the claims for processing. For more on this, watch our brief explainer video. 

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