ScaleHub BPO Crowd Boost: Introducing SIBS

Our next BPO has a special place in the finance world with a hand in advancing commerce globally.

ScaleHub’s BPO Crowd Boost series puts the spotlight on the BPOs that we diligently vet for our BPO crowds. By offering BPO crowds to add specialized expertise and greater value, we can better meet the unique needs of our enterprise clients.

Introducing: SIBS

For four decades, SIBS has offered modern, reliable, and secure financial services, specifically in the area of payment processing. Headquartered in Portugal, SIBS, the leading Business Process Outsourcing provider not only nationally, but also in the Iberian region as a whole, excels in the production and personalization of banking cards.

With solutions operating in more than 350,000 terminals across Europe, Asia, and Africa, SIBS has a hand in processing billions of transactions. Add to that strategic acquisitions in Romania (Romcard / Supercard) and Poland (Paytel), and it’s clear that this growing BPO plays an important role in global finance, actively striving to meet its mission to “contribute to social well-being and promote efficiency in financial services.”

SIBS & ScaleHub

ScaleHub is committed to data integrity. We consider a high level of data security to be a baseline requirement for our BPO crowd offerings.

SIBS more than meets such data security requirements with, for example, several ISO certifications, including those related to the financial market, as well as PCI certificates with all major payment processors, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, EMVCO, and SWIFT.

Pedro Miranda, MD BPO of SIBS, said: “We grow through innovation. Crowdsourcing, recognized as a game-changing technology, is now part of our delivery strategy. While our partnership with ScaleHub began with a single customer, today we look forward to growing our customer base together.

“ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing portal, with its combination of artificial intelligence and human workers at unlimited scale, adds new possibilities to our business model. The sheer numbers of crowd contributors and processed documents shows the reliability of the portal. No other company from the traditional data capture world has such an offering for the BPO market. We appreciate the opportunity to be selected as part of ScaleHub’s BPO crowd program.”

Torsten Malchow, ScaleHub CRO commented, “Gaining SIBS as one of the BPOs in our fast-growing BPO crowdsourcing community makes us very proud. A well-known brand in their market, SIBS is trusted by large financial institutions as a reliable and innovative partner.

“Aside from our public crowds, setting up more and more BPOs as private crowds in the region most affected by GDPR strengthens our footprint within the BPO market. At ScaleHub, we understand the potential of collaborative business growth, and we treat our BPOs like partners. Our partnership with SIBS allows us to expand into the Iberian and African markets, creating vast new potential for growth.”

BPO crowds reveal possibilities

BPOs fill a process gap for many organizations. Gaps that might seem small until your enterprise encounters a wide volume of data that needs special processing.

BPOs like SIBS are part of a community, filling process gaps and optimizing your capacity without incurring additional overhead. And when you unlock the potential of one process area, imagine what else you can do through BPO crowds.


Our pre-configured BPO crowds allow us to offer the same benefits of crowdsourcing to customers with specific data processing requirements. To learn more about crowdsourcing sensitive information and different kinds of crowds, watch our video. Or, if you’re a BPO interested in establishing a BPO crowd, contact us today.

Stay tuned for the next BPO spotlight in our series!

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