BPO boost: How ScaleHub meets enterprise needs through BPO crowds

Sometimes data needs a level of function or added security beyond basic data processing. And with a commitment to helping our customers scale, ScaleHub has been forming business process outsourcing (BPO) crowds to help meet these specialized data processing needs head on.

Suppose crowdsourcing is the intersection of technology and human discretion as it comes to data processing. In that case, BPO crowds are like a specialized set of contributors that can take your data entry to the next level.

Build your own crowd

ScaleHub crowdsourcing solutions can be configured to work with a variety of crowds. Before we go further, we’ll explain the three different types of crowds we configure, and how they might fulfill specific business needs:

Public Crowds

With public crowdsourcing, data that is broken up into individual fields through snippeting can be published on crowdsourcing marketplaces that connect to huge networks of crowd contributors all over the world. ScaleHub’s solution provides access to 2.3M global crowd contributors who can safely process your data quickly, efficiently, and more accurately.

Private Crowds

Private crowds are secured crowds we configure in the ScaleHub crowdsourcing solution when, for example, you want to only source contributors from within your own workforce or a contractor’s workforce. We snippet data from documents in order to safely send that information to crowd contributors simultaneously. But sometimes, rather than lone fields, the person processing the data must have the entire context in order to do his or her job correctly, for instance, in the case of insurance claims processors.

BPO Crowds

With BPO crowds, we’ve extended the private crowd model to meet specific data processing needs a particular BPO may offer. Crowdsourcing by means of a BPO crowd is compelling to organizations with special data requirements; for example, character languages like Japanese, or a certain kind of automation or industry focus such as healthcare, automotive insurance, or government.

Why do BPO crowds matter?

First, consider why you might employ a BPO to begin with—perhaps you’re looking to outsource your payroll, HR, or accounting data entry to help your teams stay on more critical tasks.

BPO crowds help our enterprise customers receive the same kind of efficiency with diversified needs or specialized skills. As mentioned above, data might need to be processed in a character language or with specialized capabilities.

At ScaleHub, we’ve already partnered with several multinational BPOs to create crowds to support unique customer needs. Our BPO community is growing, in large part due to the promises we’re able to make, such as guaranteed SLAs, 99.x% data accuracy and infinite scale. We’ve had more than eight global BPOs join the ScaleHub community in the last few months alone. We will profile each in an upcoming series dedicated to our BPO crowds, so stay tuned!

Your data or data processing may be unique, but that shouldn’t require that you take a hit in speed or accuracy. The BPO crowds we cultivate at ScaleHub are made up of the BPOs that already excel in data processing technology. In other words, with a BPO crowd, organizations can reap the speed, scale, and accuracy benefits of crowdsourcing, even with very specific requirements around data processing.

Learn more

We’re proud to offer our enterprise customers crowdsourcing solutions uniquely cultivated to meet their needs. Establishing pre-configured BPO crowds allows us to offer the same benefits of crowdsourcing to customers with specific data processing requirements. If you’re a BPO interested in establishing a BPO crowd, contact us today. Or, to learn more about crowdsourcing sensitive information and different kinds of crowds, watch our video.

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