ScaleHub BPO Crowd Boost: Introducing Tropper

Our next BPO introduction in the ScaleHub BPO Crowd Boost series stakes its claim in 50 years of industry experience. Their expertise allows them to develop and ensure a strong security presence—which is important now more than ever.

But before we dive in, ScaleHub’s BPO Crowd Boost Series spotlights BPOs specifically chosen and closely vetted to help meet the unique needs of ScaleHub enterprise clients through an expanded crowdsourcing solution. These BPOs make up our aptly named BPO Crowds.

Introducing: Tropper

Tropper Data Service AG is one of the leading service providers in the fields of digital input and document management. As a German-based BPO, Tropper has over 300 committed employees spread across five locations—Leverkusen, Berlin, Dresden, Ratingen, and Munich.

Tropper offers companies from various industries (with emphasis on the banking and insurance sectors) problem-solving expertise and in-depth industry understanding, backed by an impressive track record in digitization. Tropper’s commitment to solid returns for their clients has cemented client trust. Their reputation in the BPO community and the DACH market at large is commendable.

Tropper services augment core business processes, including mailroom management, invoice processing, order processing, and complaint management. Tropper strives to help businesses redirect their staff’s focus from menial processing tasks to business development.

Tropper & ScaleHub

Commenting on our work together, Dirk Wilbertz, Tropper CEO, said, “ScaleHub has been a trusted partner of Tropper for many years. Their team is uniquely positioned in Germany; they know from their own experience the ins and outs of our specific market requirements. We have always been able to find the best solution in the eyes of our customers. This is what counts for Tropper—customer satisfaction.”

Dirk went on to say, “Tropper has a longstanding customer base, some for more than a decade. This is possible because of the trust we’ve built. Our clients know that the solutions we offer will fulfill their requirements. Tropper’s strategy is a great fit with ScaleHub’s approach and we see tremendous business potential for future growth. The pandemic has sped up the digital transformation journey for German businesses. We are well positioned to deploy new solutions based on ScaleHub technology.”

Torsten Malchow, ScaleHub Co-Founder, and CRO added, “Our footprint in the German BPO market and globally is increasing. We can tie this to two main drivers—our deep industry knowledge around BPO processes and the technology we provide.“Our crowdsourcing portal opens new markets for companies like Tropper as we create a global BPO community to get customer needs met faster and more accurately.

“And we’re doing this on a global scale. With 2.3M global workers and support in 150 languages, the potential scale is infinite.” Torsten added, “No BPO in the world is able to bring such scale to the table, and our concept is backed by a super secure and reliable native cloud-based portal. An ISO27001 certified operation and GDPR compliance add the highest level of security to our offering. And, with our smart data snippeting concept, we never expose a complete document to the public crowd.”

Torsten concluded, “We often hear from Chief Data Security Officers that our solution is more secure than what a bank, insurance provider, or BPO is doing inhouse—a very strong argument. Additionally, to keep humans in the loop, we are adding ScaleHub’s AI components to combine the best of both worlds.”

Fortifying BPO Crowds with trust & expertise

With over 50 years of experience in digitization, Tropper is a unique BPO in regard to the trust they’ve earned and the positive reputation they’ve built in Germany and the DACH market.

Their standing, digital security certifications, and knowledge of the banking and insurance industries make Tropper an important addition to our ever-growing roster BPO crowds.

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Our pre-configured BPO crowds allow us to offer the same benefits of crowdsourcing to customers with specific data requirements. To learn more about crowdsourcing sensitive information, watch our video here.

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