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for emergency preparedness, disaster recovery & business continuity

Shrinking margins, increasing regulatory oversight and the difficulty of finding
qualified personnel with the right skills at the right time—these are challenges for businesses from almost every industry all over the world, and they only intensify in the face of disruptive or catastrophic events like natural disasters and pandemics.

For businesses committed to specific customer SLAs, the ScaleHub crowdsourcing solution provides the comfort of knowing you can meet those SLAs under any circumstances.

your benefits


Faster onboarding

Say goodbye to the never-ending IT project. We can onboard you as a new crowdsourcing customer in just a few days.

Guaranteed SLA fulfillment

Utilize crowdsourcing solutions in your business continuity plan for the agility to scale up or down and pivot as needed.

On-demand workforce

Switching your production from one moment to the next has never been easier. With an on-demand workforce of more than 2.3m global workers, you can instantly scale your operations while reducing your IT footprint and overhead.

You decide where your data is accessed

Whether in the public, private or hybrid cloud—different types of businesses have different requirements about where their data can go. Our AI solution can break sensitive data into snippets before sending to the public cloud, or we can send data to a private cloud that workers can access with a login and password.

Highest level of security by design

By providing only snippets to the crowd and scrambling highly sensitive information, we ensure full security of personal data. Our team knows data security and protection requirements inside out, and we have never had a data breach.

how it works

You decide how you want to share data with our ScaleHub portal (e.g. SFTP, REST API Calls, Dropbox). ScaleHub offers collectors to several input management systems out of the box (e.g. TIS eFlow, XBOUND, KOFAX, VINNA, ABBYY), as well as direct import from IBML scanners to our portal.

The ScaleHub crowd portal supports data entry and data labeling tasks for all kinds of documents and to create most accurate AI training data sets for computer vision jobs. Additionally, ScaleHub can process handwritten documents—even doctors’ notes—and machine-printed documents at the same quality and speed.
Our data accuracy is higher than 99%—a rate no data capture technology can guarantee. By combining artificial and human intelligence in a scalable way, ScaleHub has set the standard for crowdsourcing and collective intelligence tasks.
Infographic emergency preparedness | Scalehub
ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing solution has multiple certifications, including ISO 27001:2013, and is both HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

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