ScaleHub BPO Crowd Boost: Introducing BUSERDI

Scaling your business doesn’t always mean growing from within. Often, the most effective method is to partner with other organizations that are aligned with your industry and methodology, but that can bring special expertise to the table.

At ScaleHub, we offer our enterprise customers crowdsourcing solutions uniquely cultivated to meet their needs. That includes utilizing business process outsourcing (BPO) crowds to add greater value to their overall capacity.

ScaleHub BPO Crowd Boost is our spotlight series on the BPOs that make up our carefully curated BPO crowds. And there’s no better way to kick off this series than with BUSERDI, our expert BPO for document consultancy, conversion, and management of historical documents.

Introducing: BUSERDI

No two scanners are alike when it comes to digitizing data, a truth that is perhaps most painfully obvious when processing historical documents.

A “100% Mexican company,” BUSERDI is known for excellence in converting historical documents, often found in governments with records stretching back decades, into digitized data. Through document consultancy, conversion, and management, documents such as plans, books, and other historical documents can be safely digitized via high-tech infrastructure.

At an average of 2,000,000 sheets per day, BUSERDI’s high-quality scanning capabilities are quite powerful. The BPO delivers a revolutionary process that has traditionally relied heavily on both digitization and human oversight.

BUSERDI uses both flat-bed and orbital scanners. These scanners possess a high-volume capacity with straight-line transport systems, along with bands and aspiration. No rollers mean this modern technology protects against deterioration of the original document.

BUSERDI & ScaleHub

With its high-quality scanning capability and defined market niche, BUSERDI brings a special value-add to ScaleHub’s crowdsource offering.

Aside from their dynamic capabilities, BUSERDI also meets the high-security standard we require from every BPO with whom we partner, which, in turn, helps us meet our commitment to work with only the best BPOs.

BUSERDI is committed to data security and quality assurance, evidenced by obtaining international ISO 9001:2015 for archival, digitization, and document management based on global standards, such as ISAD (G), US DoD 5015.2, and ISO 15489, as well as the MoReq specifications.

Commenting on the BUSERDI-ScaleHub partnership, Guillermo Chavez, BUSERDI CEO, remarked on the exciting potential for growth: “When I saw ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing solution for the first time, I was already connecting the dots. Their scalability and data accuracy will open many doors in our local markets. As an independent BPO, we are always looking for market-leading companies in different fields to get the best results for our clients.”

Guillermo added, “BUSERDI is very excited to be listed as one of ScaleHub’s BPO partners and customers. We look forward to our work together, and are proud to be among the increasing number of BPOs in ScaleHub’s BPO community.”

ScaleHub CRO Torsten Malchow commented on the possibilities of opening up previously unexplored markets in partnering with BUSERDI: “For ScaleHub, Central America—let alone Mexico—was an untouched region in terms of the BPO market. But following initial discussions about the potential BUSERDI could bring to a dedicated BPO crowd, I felt very comfortable. I knew we had found a great partner and customer to work with.”

Torsten concluded, “The Mexican market is far from an easy one. You need to work with local professionals. BUSERDI’s focus, along with the potential for greater opportunities, are promising for all parties—especially for clients in Mexico.”

Learn more

Our pre-configured BPO crowds allow us to offer the same benefits of crowdsourcing to customers with specific data processing requirements. To learn more about crowdsourcing sensitive information and different kinds of crowds, watch our video. Or, if you’re a BPO interested in establishing a BPO crowd, contact us today.

Stay tuned for the next BPO spotlight in our series!

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