New year, new team member. Introducing Matthias Bahro.

After a year in which ScaleHub achieved prestigious recognition and growth while welcoming strategic new partners, our first big move of the year is to add more expertise to our growing and dynamic team.

Please join us in welcoming Matthias Bahro, who brings nearly 20 years of experience to ScaleHub in his new role as Senior Consultant & Solution Architect. Over the course of his career, Matthias has held several positions as a software engineer and architect, with 15 years dedicated to the development of input management platforms and solutions. His resume tells the story of one who isn’t content to just develop applications and grow the companies that have been lucky enough to have him. Matthias is equally committed to his own professional development, which is best evidenced by the steady advancement in roles and responsibilities at his previous jobs.

For Matthias, ScaleHub is a natural progression in his career. Our unique solution, which combines the best of AI and crowdsourcing to drastically improve speed and accuracy in data entry, meshes well with Matthias’ own unique skill set of application development and project consulting for small and medium sized businesses. This is why our COO, Ralf Goebel, is so excited to have Matthias join us. “His know-how and experience will help ScaleHub to grow further in the field of enterprise projects and to expand our software component suite significantly,” he said.

For us, the chance to bring on a seasoned professional like Matthias is a no-brainer. But we’re also excited to have someone who reflects our culture and values, as well. A devoted family man to his wife and two-year old daughter, Matthias recognizes the importance of work-life balance. Born and raised in Brandenburg, he moved to Cologne for his studies and then to Bonn for work. But when he met the woman who would become his wife, he knew where he needed to go. Matthias relocated to Magdeburg in 2015 to be close to her, and he’s been there ever since.

Matthias’ steady and successful approach to both work and family—both of which can sometimes be complex and overwhelming—reveals his methodical and unflappable nature. “A complex task, process, or thing often just looks like that,” he says. “Don’t be too shy or impressed. Just ask the right questions to touch it and get its essence.” It’s an almost zen-like perspective that has served him well, and will definitely serve us as he carries out his duties. We’re thrilled that Matthias sees ScaleHub as a place that complements his own philosophies.

“ScaleHub has a team of real professionals—technically, organizationally, and with great business acumen,” he told us. “It makes me very excited to be a part of it.”

We feel the same, Matthias. Welcome aboard, and happy new year!

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