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Through partnerships, we focus on delivering value, innovation and – simply put – making our customers happy.

We believe in partnerships based on a mutual understanding of one another’s needs and objectives. With a shared commitment to achieving outstanding results for all parties, we can boost business together. We are dedicated to collaborations based on open and honest communication, mutual trust, fairness and continuity.

At ScaleHub, we like to keep things pretty straightforward and simple.

The same goes for our partnerships, and thus we have just two types: ScaleHub Sales Partners or Referrals and ScaleHub Solution Partners.

ScaleHub Sales Partners


ActivBold is our crowdsourcing and collective intelligence expert in France for BPOs and large shared services centers in the banking and insurance industry. The ActivBold team has acquired a strong experience in supporting large corporates in their digital transformation journeys.


A:gusth, our partner in the Southeast Asia region, is highly experienced in automating SAP processes, as well as BPO, SSC and enterprise business processes as part of larger digital transformation journeys. ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing solution is an ideal addition to A:gusth’s portfolio, as it quickly provides clean, actionable data to their customers.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon has listed our Data-Labeling-as-a-Service on the AWS Marketplace, making low-cost, high-quality labeled data directly available to customers looking for crowdsourcing on the enterprise level.


DTI, an experienced solution provider, focuses on all aspects of the digital transformation journey and the management of content and data. As part of DTI’s offering, ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing and collective intelligence solution handles data entry and data labeling tasks, delivering clean data to support lean business process management.


DYANIX is our crowdsourcing and collective intelligence expert across Europe. DYANIX has transformed the European business technology solutions landscape with their know-how in document capture and data transformation technologies. They are renowned for their BPO support and optimization of SSC customer digital transformation journeys.


Feith Systems is our crowdsourcing and collective intelligence expert in the United States. Feith provides Information Governance and Business Process Management solutions to the nation’s – and the world’s – highest profile organizations, across the Fortune 500 and Federal Government.


Members of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals include Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs), Global Business Services (GBS) and large enterprises. We partner with IAOP to advance our global crowdsourcing offering.


IBM Global Business Services (GBS) focusses on management and strategy consulting, industry platform business and systems integration, to create a cognitive customer enterprise. ScaleHub supports the GBS team’s input management projects and our solution portfolio is part of the IBM Input Management Factory on IBM Cloud.


ibml is the world leader in high-volume intelligent capture automation. Using industry-leading intelligence and accelerated speed, ibml helps organizations extract actionable data, capture insights, and expedite critical decision-making. ibml leverages human intelligence powered managed services by partnering with Scalehub to provide highest accuracy in information extraction from business documents.


ic-solution, an experienced input management provider, includes ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing offering in their solution portfolio to take the hustle out of manual data entry work for their customers.

ScaleHub Solution Partners


mTurk from Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces for crowdsourcing and collective intelligence work packages. ScaleHub supports mTurk with our unique crowdsourcing solutions that guarantee SLA fulfillment and the highest data quality.


recosys provides innovative mobile capture and real-time OCR technologies. At ScaleHub, we utilize recosys technology within our one–touch records indexing solution, which can recognize and extract the best quality image from a video stream taken of record storage units, allowing BPOs to drastically reduce the steps involved in records management services.


Skilja is a leading vendor in the field of document understanding and process automation technologies. For many years, Skilja and Scalehub have enjoyed a close partnership. In recent years, we‘ve worked together to migrate XBOUND customers to the fourth generation AI-powered document processing platform, VINNA. ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing portal is well integrated as an add-on functionality to outsource the data entry work to the crowd.

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