ScaleHub BPO Crowd Boost: Introducing Ratiodata

Increased access to data across all markets is reasonably met with ever-evolving (and tightening) security and regulations. Adjusting to meet strict and ever-changing demands in real time has become an essential organizational skill.

The BPO we introduce today does just that, with a natural know-how to meet changing security measures across multiple industries.

ScaleHub’s BPO Crowd Boost Series spotlights BPOs specifically chosen and closely vetted to help meet the unique needs of ScaleHub enterprise clients through an expanded crowdsourcing solution. These BPOs make up our aptly named BPO Crowds.

Introducing Ratiodata

Ratiodata is a fast-growing IT company headquartered in Münster with multiple locations throughout Germany, as well as subsidiaries in Luxembourg and Romania.

As a system integrator of Fiducia & GAD IT AG, Ratiodata AG naturally meets all the requirements of legislative and financial service providers. This gives the BPO unique know-how from which their customers with special data security requirements can benefit across multiple areas, including IT services, BPO document services, network and security, banking technology, communication and collaboration services, as well as nearshore software services.

The focus of Ratiodata’s comprehensive range of services is the evaluation of new technologies. Based on their analyses, Ratiodata develops future-proofed, tailor-made solutions for customers. They can also integrate into existing IT environments and operate with the highest level of confidence and reliability.

Ratiodata & ScaleHub

For more than a decade, Ratiodata has delivered on complex projects and processes for hundreds of clients on a centrally managed input management system. With capabilities of around 2M pages per day, high-volume projects are an easy home run for Ratiodata—making this BPO a logical partner for ScaleHub’s enterprise client solutions.

Commenting on the partnership, Martin Greiwe, CEO & spokesman of Ratiodata, said, “ScaleHub’s technology helps us increase customer satisfaction and to always meet our SLAs. We appreciate the vertical BPO knowledge from the ScaleHub team, as well as their professionalism. They treat us like a partner and not just as a customer.”

Martin continued, “The BPO market is constantly changing, driven most recently by the pandemic—as is true for almost all markets. We foresee rolling out new services that will be based on ScaleHub’s technology. We also anticipate our customers requesting ScaleHub solutions.”

Remarking on the work with Ratiodata, Torsten Malchow, ScaleHub CRO said, “Since early 2016, we’ve counted Ratiodata as a trusted BPO customer and partner. But our roots go back even further to 2005 when our teams worked together successfully and gained an understanding of our relative strengths and weaknesses.”

Torsten concluded, “Working as a team on large projects has obvious challenges, but what’s important is how we manage them together. ScaleHub is proud to say that the journey continues and we look forward to future projects.”

BPO crowds to meet ever-scaling needs

Regulation and control in sectors such as banking and healthcare have become significantly stricter. But, as Ratiodata says, “trust is the basis.”

We’re proud to count Ratiodata as a partner and member of ScaleHub’s BPO crowds to meet the requirements for quality and security in these sectors.

Our pre-configured BPO crowds allow us to offer the same benefits of crowdsourcing to customers with specific data processing requirements. To learn more about crowdsourcing sensitive information and different kinds of crowds, watch our video. Or, if you’re a BPO interested in establishing a BPO crowd, contact us today.

Stay tuned for the next BPO spotlight in our series!

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