actionable data
boosts customer

with ScaleHub's next generation mailroom automation

Take customer satisfaction to the next level and ensure all your incoming data arrives in the right hands in no time. Let us take care of your incoming communications, so you can focus on what matters most: your business and customers.

With the self-learning classification and data extraction features of ScaleHub’s mailroom solution, you will experience dramatically and continuously improved automation rates and accuracy like never before. The self-learning capabilities can be further enhanced by crowdsourcing. Our crowdsourcing option uses the crowd to train machines to process work even faster. We make sure the correct data is fed into your systems to initiate and enrich processes. Faster turnaround times for customer-facing activities and the ability to provide accurate information at any time helps you boost customer satisfaction. It’s that simple.

your benefits


significantly reduced operational costs

With automatic classification and extraction, manual work for separating, sorting and correctly routing documents or extracting information is reduced to an absolute minimum.

boost customer satisfaction

By shortening processing times of incoming customer communications, you will be able to react to your customers’ needs faster, resulting in happy customers and increased loyalty.

increased visibility and accessibility

Knowing precisely what information enters your business improves decision-making and empowers customer service staff. The right people will have the right information at hand instantly.

faster transactions and minimal set-up time

Improving the information flow towards all internal systems means you can kick-off and complete transactions faster. Plus, with our self-learning capabilities, we can have your solution up and running quickly.

how it works

Our powerful mailroom automation solution receives all of your incoming mail, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents.

Independent of its origin, be it paper or in digital format, incoming mail is classified automatically based on content and layout, utilizing the self-learning technology Laera from our partner Skilja. This identifies the document type and business case.

Based on document type and case detected, documents are routed to their designated process. Advanced data extraction supported by database lookups extracts information from all document types. Exceptions and manual data entry are handled by your verification staff or the crowd. The results are, in turn, used to enhance the self-learning capabilities and training the machines.

Document routing is defined on Skilja’s open process platform Vinna. It combines different technologies using a best-of-breed approach. This enables you to combine different OCR and ICR technologies to suit your needs. Our solution ensures that the right data reaches the right person, through the right process and the right systems in virtually no time.

A central knowledge base for minimal set-up times

With ScaleHub’s solution, you can export classification results and re-use them for different applications. This means you don’t have to start from scratch and can reduce set-up times for new applications.

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