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how we make a positive impact

ScaleHub’s collective intelligence solution helps customers process documents and data seamlessly. At the heart of this service are the people who contribute to the meticulous validation of our >99% accuracy — they are the “human” intelligence that closes the gap on what artificial intelligence (AI) cannot do alone. Better yet, these contributors support critical processing tasks from anywhere in the world. This allows our clients, through the ScaleHub service, to open up opportunities for people underrepresented in the global workforce or those with limited resources due to regional, cultural, or socioeconomic backgrounds.

Organizations that make Impact Sourcing a part of their hiring strategy – whether directly or indirectly via managed service providers like ScaleHub – profit from unlocking “hidden” talent pools, a diverse workforce with above-average engagement, and lower attrition rates. 

Along with global and public crowdsourcing marketplaces and internal or specialist crowds, ScaleHub works with impact sourcing partners to complete these human-in-the-loop (HITL) tasks. Like specialist crowds, impact sourcing partners may focus on a particular skill set, all while ensuring data privacy compliance for our service.


what is impact sourcing?

Impact sourcing is the intentional act of identifying and hiring organizations that represent marginalized or disadvantaged communities due to geographical, cultural, or socioeconomic reasons. Collective intelligence allows us to open up opportunities for underrepresented groups, enabling our clients to positively impact the world by working with us.

meeting global development goals

ScaleHub’s impact sourcing strategy directly aligns and fulfills three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

fair wages

Ensuring a fair wage that’s above the region’s minimum wage.

equal opportunities

Providing an equal opportunity for all genders & identities.

a global workforce

Offering global workers opportunities to work on business process applications.

keys to mutual success



Large tasks or documents are broken into smaller, quickly consumable, and discreet assignments called microtasks. The simplification of these tasks acts as the basis for our inclusive approach, allowing contributors to work on our tasks quickly and with little-to-no training.


compensation-friendly GUI

Our user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) is optimized with fast load times and simple task descriptions. This allows public and specialist crowd contributors to easily and quickly complete work from any device at any time, maximizing their financial compensation. A phone and an internet or cellular connection is all that’s needed to complete the straightforward tasks.


continuous training & upskilling

ScaleHub allows contributors to boost their skill sets and educate themselves on an ongoing basis. We’ve incorporated generative AI into the contributor work experience, which both improves task instruction and offers quick responses to free-form questions from contributors, among other things.

our impact sourcing partners

Connected Women

Connected Women is a Philippines-based, Ethical Data and AI Services company providing high-quality, socially responsible, outsourcing solutions for global businesses. Specifically, Connected Women provides affordable, fully managed, high-quality data annotation skills for businesses globally: language annotation, image and video annotation, and content services.

ADEC Innovations

ADEC Innovations has a long history of creating employment opportunities for remote and underprivileged communities onshore and offshore - empowering people with valuable skills and stable career paths. Working with ADEC we utilize their affordable, high-quality services, such as data entry, data validation, document classification and document training.

want to make an impact with us?

ScaleHub is actively seeking outsourcing providers who comply with international impact sourcing guidelines. Providers must perform ethically, make a social impact in their region, and pay employees fairly and above the regional minimum wage.

impact sourcing in action

find out how we are creating a positive social impact with one of our impact sourcing partners

success story: Connected Women

ScaleHub’s partnership with Connected Women (CW) has unlocked new economic opportunities for women in the Philippines. 

By tapping into this talented and motivated workforce, ScaleHub and Connected Women are bridging the digital divide while accelerating business innovation. In our first year of collaboration, 46 job placements were created:

This work involves checking and correcting data for specific business processes as well as data entry, labeling and annotation.

Our work-from-anywhere model allows these women to provide valuable support to organizations well beyond the borders of the Philippines: US-based invoice processing, Japanese insurance claims and documentation, Dutch public sector forms, tax forms, and German and US healthcare patient files and onboarding documents.

Through upskilling training programs, Connected Women has prepared women like 37-year-old Zaynah Suizo for data annotation roles with ScaleHub. As a widow and mother of two living in Palawan, Zaynah was in dire need of work after her community was devastated by COVID-19 and a typhoon.

Now, as a Data Annotation Specialist annotating insurance claims and public sector forms, Zaynah earns income to provide for her family’s basic needs. This remote work allows her flexibility to care for her children. 

"It is a big help for me financially. With my earnings, I am able to provide for the basic needs of my kids. Professionally, it has brought me new knowledge, especially the upskilling sessions we have received. It is a great help for me as a single mother, so that I can be more productive every day.”
Data Annotation Specialist

proven impact in the Philippines

Our reach is making a difference in the lives of women in the Philippines. These statistics show the diverse economic backgrounds of the Connected Women contributors involved in ScaleHub projects:

With a community of over 170,000 women, there is immense potential to scale up skilled work while driving opportunities for women in Southeast Asia. In 2023, ScaleHub continued to champion this cause by supporting Connected Women’s Elevate AIDA initiative, and with overwhelmingly positive feedback from program participants, we’re thrilled to continue our sponsorship in 2024. 

We eagerly anticipate a bright future of collaboration with Connected Women, and we aim to continue creating beneficial opportunities through this worthwhile partnership.  

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