Financial Times names ScaleHub one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

We’re thrilled to announce that ScaleHub was named one of Europe’s Top 1000 Fastest-Growing Companies by Financial Times (FT) in their fifth annual special report of the FT 1000.

With everything 2020 brought us and the world, it’s an honor to receive this prestigious recognition.

Along with the research firm, Statista, Financial Times collected the data of a huge number of companies across Europe. The 1000 companies selected for the “fastest-growing” ranking are those with the strongest revenue growth in Europe.

Though in its fifth year, the annual FT 1000 reflects our continent’s most competitive businesses in any given sector. Their 2020 ranking showed the growing importance of technology, something we expect to be a significant sector for this year and years to come.

Why we were recognized as one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

To be considered for the FT 1000, companies must meet minimum revenue requirements between the years of 2016 and 2019, be headquartered in Europe, and operate as an independent business.

Statista then leverages the information submitted from each company and calculates the compound annual growth rate (the minimum average growth rate required to be included in the ranking this year was 35.5%). The top 1000 highest compound growth rates are then ranked on the FT 1000 list.

ScaleHub not only met the requirements but showed that our competitive growth rate was among the highest in Europe. FT ranked ScaleHub at 570 on their 2021 list.

The FT 1000 isn’t just a ranking. It’s an in-depth analysis of Europe’s growth trends in both sector and investment. It reflects the interest of our data-driven world and the ever-growing demand for technology-based solutions.

As a data crowdsourcing solutions company, it’s an honor to be counted as one of the essential members, not only of our industry but also of our region. Our work touches many facets of Europe’s business ecosystem, and this ranking shows the importance of scalable technology in advancing the interests of this vast interconnected community.

Looking to the future

In 2020, we saw many businesses scramble to pivot effectively. We saw operations either scale and adapt to the changes or stop altogether. As we mentioned in one of our last articles, outsourcing has been a challenge for many companies. But what might have been resisted before is now essential. A business must retain flexibility and security to prepare for quickly changing times.

ScaleHub’s adaptive technologies have already helped many businesses make this change. As we continue to make better data available faster at mass scale, we rely on reports like the FT 1000 to gauge the interest of the region around us and ensure our offerings are aligned with business trends and demand. Recognitions such as these motivate us to continue helping our region pivot or retain flexible options in times of crisis. We look to the days ahead and discoveries yet to come.

You can read the Financial Times’ special edition report here.

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