process claims faster & more accurately

than you thought possible - with ScaleHub’s innovative collective intelligence solution

Redefine customer experience with 99.x% accurately processed claims—in any language—in near real time. Imagine what you could do if you could process a claim in under an hour. Meet every SLA? Set yourself apart as a “new” kind of insurance provider? Free up your adjusters to work on the maybe-one-day projects?

The potential cost savings in any claims management process are huge. ScaleHub’s solution uncovers these savings by bringing together the best of artificial and human intelligence for drastically faster and more accurately processed claims. Self-learning classification and data extraction are met with crowdsourcing fine-tuned for high-volume data validation tasks. The result? Limitless scalability, stand-out customer service, and freed-up capacity to focus on more important tasks—all while cutting operational costs.

your benefits


delighted customers

In drastically cutting the time required to process a claim, you can respond in turnaround times that will surprise and delight your [newly loyal] customers.


instant flexibility

With no software to install and minimal to no training required, ScaleHub offers instant scalability so you can respond adeptly to any shift.


99.x% data accuracy

Guaranteed 99.x% accuracy and quick turnaround, even of handwritten text and character-based languages.


high-performance processing at lower costs

Slashing the time it takes to process claims + an unprecedented 99.x% accuracy rate means not only reducing costs, but also giving claims adjusters and processing teams back their time for higher-value tasks.


safe for even the most
sensitive data

By providing only snippets to the crowd and scrambling highly sensitive information, we ensure full security of personal data.

how it works

Our powerful claims processing solution receives and processes the images and documents—structured, semi-structured and unstructured—that make up an insurance claim.

All images and documents—paper or digital—that make up an insurance claim are automatically classified based on content and layout using self-learning AI. Any document that cannot be automatically classified is sent to a private crowd that draws only from your own workforce, or from that of a third party; for example, a BPO that specializes in recognition of a particular type of document.  

AI identifies language as well as document type. Then, based on the document type, each is broken into non-contextual pieces of information that we call snippets. Particularly sensitive data can be scrambled for an extra layer of data privacy. 

The snippets are sent to the crowd, and contributors from all over the world simultaneously validate and key in the data that was snippeted using a secure web browser on their computers or mobile devices. Finally, the data—validated and ready for use—is sent back to the insurance company. 

All the while, the results are fed back to the solution to continually improve self-learning capabilities. 

"Welcoming ScaleHub into the Insurtech Vanguard program comes at a key time when many P&C customers are considering new technologies like AI to improve business processes and address the global staffing shortage. What makes ScaleHub’s approach so novel is how they solve the age-old challenge of human intervention that is inevitable with even the best automated document processing technologies."

Laura Drabik

Guidewire Chief Evangelist

how can ScaleHub process 99.x% accurate data
in character-based languages?

Processing character-based languages—think Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Hebrew—typically requires skilled workers with experience who can understand the context. The ScaleHub solution, however, is able to guarantee 99.x% data accuracy—in any language. How?

For data validation in character-based languages, the ScaleHub solution presents crowd contributors with a limited number of characters at a time. Rather than “read” the characters, crowd contributors employ a form of pattern recognition. Each set of characters are shown to two crowd contributors to ensure accurate results. If their results don’t match, the same set of characters are sent to a third contributor who acts as a tiebreaker.

use case: auto insurance

Here's a real-life example of how an auto insurance provider uses ScaleHub to process insurance claims.


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mobile capture app for records management

Our mobile capture app uses video streams to produce the highest possible image quality, even in low-light, small-space conditions, while simultaneously running real-time OCR on the mobile device. This facilitates the most-accurate data capture results.
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