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super-human quality training data
for machine learning – at scale

Computer vision powers autonomous vehicles, drones, and more, but the machine learning algorithms that power computer vision are only as good as the data you feed them.

Achieving effective computer vision hinges on your ability to provide mass amounts of images and video annotated with super-human quality. Your teams have better things to do than annotate images and video for your computer vision applications. ScaleHub safely taps into trusted networks of crowd contributors for the tedious and time-consuming task of image annotation. You get to focus on innovation while we prepare your datasets using the most up-to-date methods.

our computer vision services


2D bounding boxes

Global crowd contributors draw and label 2D bounding boxes around the relevant objects in your images and videos. You benefit from accurate data that will enhance object detection in your application.


Benefit from enhanced object detection thanks to accurate training data. Our global crowd contributors draw and label polygons around the relevant objects in your images and videos.

Semantic segmentation

Separate objects of an image into the segments you need your algorithms to recognize. Our global crowd contributors annotate the objects of interest in your images at pixel level.

your benefits with ScaleHub

datasets with super-human accuracy

The ScaleHub Portal uses smart algorithms and a proven quality control system within our crowd workforce for the highest quality image annotation and data labeling.

completion time guarantees

Dividing and conquering huge data volumes among our global crowd workforce means we can guarantee completion times. You get your data when you need it – it’s as simple as that.

simply tackle jobs
of any size

Our cloud-native, fully automated crowdsourcing platform gives you access to a global crowd workforce of over 2.3 million, meaning there’s no job too big.

tap into rich data processing expertise

With over 250 years of combined data processing expertise, you’re in good hands with ScaleHub. We get things done and help you focus on innovation.

how it works

Step 1

You upload your data to our portal.

Step 2

The ScaleHub Portal combines human work and smart algorithms to annotate and label your data.

Step 3

You receive accurate ground truth data to power your machine learning endeavors.

It’s that simple. We help you turn your collected data into actionable data. Contact us and find out more.

use cases

A few examples of how ScaleHub powers computer vision applications with actionable training data:
Teach self-driving cars to detect and differentiate between cars, street signs, pedestrians, traffic lights and more.
Enable drones or your applications to detect, count and classify containers, and any other items or goods.
Empower your systems to identify fallen trees, power lines, flooded areas and more to create accurate damage reports and process claims faster.
Enable your applications to identify abandoned baggage, suitcase contents and more or use facial recognition to identify travelers strengthening security.

Want to learn more and see our solutions in action?

Schedule a 30-minute demo with one of our experts. We’d love to show you how we can help make your processes lean and super flexible.

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