ScaleHub in Japan: meet the team

On the heels of our June announcement that ScaleHub has expanded to the Asia-Pacific region with a newly established office in Tokyo, today we’d like to introduce you to our dynamic Japanese team.

Introducing Team Japan

Yutaka Awakura, Country Manager

With more than thirty years of experience in international sales management, Yutaka Awakura comes to ScaleHub with a wealth of knowledge in the tech and IT sectors.

Yutaka’s entrepreneurial spirit and experience in Europe and Japan will be vital to growing ScaleHub’s business. He plans to implement a hybrid go-to-market strategy and leverage strong personal relationships he holds with C-level executives at both BPOs and system integrators.

Commenting on why he thinks ScaleHub’s offering meets Japan’s market needs, Yutaka said, “Many enterprises in Japan rely on document-based processes. These businesses need to digitize enormous volumes of documents in every format imaginable: paper, faxes, emails or web forms. The latter category alone can be anything from applications to tax returns to medical prescriptions to claims to policies to correspondence to invoices to purchase orders and so on.”

ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing platform eases these processes by taking traditional data extraction to the cloud and using both public and private global crowd contributors to provide a fast, error-free service that scales with any business — combining the best that human oversight and AI capabilities have to offer.

In discussing use cases, Yutaka pointed to ScaleHub technology’s ability to process Japan’s multiple written alphabets:

“Japanese insurance companies process a lot of data, and accuracy is essential with such sensitive information. Data quality from fax-formatted documents and images is notoriously low due to there being three different types of Japanese character sets: Kanji, Hiragana & Katakana. ScaleHub is unique in deftly managing this with AI technology that learns from the crowdsourcing portal—that’s proof enough that ScaleHub’s solution is a perfect fit for Japan’s business challenges.”

Katsuyasu Fukuda, Sales Director

Katsuyasu Fukuda comes to ScaleHub with thirty years of experience in complex sales targeting banks and insurance enterprises, manufacturers, and BPOs in Japan. Acting as a senior sales executive for the past decade, Katsuya brings extensive experience in selling document capture process automation solutions with RPA and AI-OCR technologies. His strong channel management and major account development skills have enabled him to close several million dollars in enterprise deals.

“Document capture technology has been in Japan for over 25 years,” Katsuya commented. “Customers have always expected accurate data, but even with today’s ‘state-of-the-art’ AI and OCR technologies, full data accuracy hasn’t been achieved. Many customers wonder why they should even refer to it as ‘capture automation’ when their employees and operators spend valuable time verifying the data to ensure it’s accurate. It’s a huge ROI issue.”

“On the other hand,” he continued, “ScaleHub can truly offer guaranteed 99% or higher data accuracy because its offering is completely different from those of capture solution vendors. ScaleHub’s AI technology—with data segmentation, snippeting, and AI-OCR—enables crowd contributors to correct and validate data with high accuracy and within guaranteed processing times.”

“That ScaleHub can meet the need for data precision and agreed SLAs is a strong differentiator from conventional capture solutions.”

Kiyomi Tsuchida, Operations & Administration Manager

As a financial controller and sales administration director in the IT industry, Kiyomi Tsuchida has approximately thirty years of experience. That experience includes business improvement, internal audits based on the SOX Act and international transfer pricing.

Kiyomi has contributed to and managed several financially successful IT projects using her skills, knowledge, and expertise in accounting and finance. Her insights in team management and executive support have helped businesses grow from small to medium-sized teams.

“Digitalization in Japan has not progressed as it should due to language challenges and conservative sensibilities of the Japanese people,” Kiyomi said. “However, with the declining population and the need to collaborate with foreign companies, progress is accelerating. I’m excited to work with trusted colleagues to develop the Japanese market and open the way to a brighter future.”

The future is indeed bright

This is an exciting time to bring a new offer to a market that demands the highest quality data. Apart from our expansion to Japan, we’re thrilled and confident in ScaleHub’s activities with this new professional and experienced team.

Read more about our recent expansion to Japan, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

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