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Keying in small bits of data that appear on a screen seems simple enough, but finding skilled contributors is absolutely critical to successful crowdsourcing.

Not surprisingly, some companies have struggled to get accurately processed data using large public crowdsourcing platforms. For those on the unfortunate end of a bad experience, crowdsourcing failed to deliver consistent quality data.

Concerns about data accuracy are likely to be confirmed when tasks are simply posted to a crowdsourcing platform with no thought given to contributor consideration. But even if contributor quality is considered, there is no mechanism for selecting more skilled talent.

As with any business with a workforce, how you manage and treat your crowd contributors significantly impacts their work and the results.

At ScaleHub, we utilize 2.3M global crowd contributors, but that doesn’t mean we work with any random group of people. We are able to uphold our data accuracy rate of over 99% because we have built a solution with a unique and simple user experience to make our crowdsourced tasks available and accessible for a large number of people—suiting the needs of the crowd, while also incorporating quality monitoring tools. Not only that, but we evaluate contributor performance along with our own.

Which brings us to the next installment of our video series, Community in Crowdsourcing: Why It Matters. But before you hit play, read below to discover why community in crowdsourcing is essential.

What is ‘community in crowdsourcing’?

Fact: the world is made up of people.
All those people form a vast global community.

But within that community are smaller communities defined by geography, ethnicity, industry, gender, education level, expertise…the list goes on.

A community in crowdsourcing refers to the specific group of crowd contributors that work within a particular industry, enterprise, or have shown valuable expertise. In ScaleHub’s case, our community is made up of evaluated and result-consistent contributors.

Why does it matter?

Consider company employees and team members.

In most businesses, a team member’s progress and work are tracked and evaluated. That evaluation helps their managers and the company understand that particular member’s efficiency and likeliness of receiving additional work in the future.

ScaleHub can track the performance of individual members of our crowd community, so we can reward those reliable, high-performing contributors with continued work and better pay. But along with ScaleHub’s commitment to hold ourselves accountable, we actively track our own performance—including delivery, how we reward the work, and filtering out spammers.

Quality is one of our principal values at ScaleHub. It’s not about looking for the lowest wages, but identifying capable and skilled contributors.

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Check out our new video to learn why developing community in crowdsourcing is pivotal to delivering accurate, consistent data.

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