Snippeting: The key to efficient & secure crowdsourcing


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The first two videos of our series explained crowdsourcing data entry and why it’s a more secure option for processing sensitive data.

If you watched those videos or read our recent blog, you heard the name for a practice that, for us at ScaleHub, is essential to both crowdsourcing and to utilizing microtasking as the ideal approach to data entry: snippeting.

Snippeting is the process of breaking a given document and the various bits of information it contains into pieces. Then, those snippets of information are sent to crowd contributors for validation.

Microtasking and snippeting

Snippeting is essential for streamlining your bigger tasks into microtasks. But what is microtasking, and how does snippeting make it possible?

Microtasking is an approach to crowdsourcing. Basically, microtasks are the smallest parts of larger tasks. Consider the larger task of validating data from a document. It seems easy enough for one employee to handle until he or she is entering document after document, between other assignments, distractions, and breaks.

But with microtasking, crowd contributors only key in one of the fields or one part of a document. Snippeting makes entering that one portion possible by breaking up the fields into individual pieces.

Snippeting for speed and scale

Snippeting boosts both the security and quality of your sensitive data. And, our ability to offer the speed and scale we do hinges on snippeting because it makes microtasking possible.

Once a document has been snippeted, those pieces of information are instantly sent to crowd contributors, who can work simultaneously to complete the larger task in a matter of seconds.

Snippeting for data privacy

Scale is critical, but it shouldn’t compromise data privacy. When a document containing sensitive data is exposed to one person, it’s a security risk. But with snippeting, crowd contributors only ever see pieces of data removed from context.

Snippeting for accuracy

Clean data is essential for our clients. That’s why we send every snippet of information to two different crowd contributors for validation. In the case that the results don’t match, we’ll send the same snippet to a third, more experienced contributor for a tie-breaker.

Snippeting for community impact sourcing

Crowdsourcing is effective because it broadens access to people looking for work opportunities. Snippeting allows us to reach these contributors because once the information has been snippeted, anyone can work on it. In other words, snippeting makes it safe and possible for anyone around the world to contribute through microtasking and help your business scale.

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Snippeting is just the beginning of how crowdsourcing can grow your business. Watch our video to learn how your data can be processed with more accuracy, privacy, and speed.

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