ScaleHub welcomes Senior Solution Architect & Presales Consultant

It’s been quite a year of growth for ScaleHub. We began collaborating with new partners, developed improvements to our already leading crowdsource solutions, and were recognized by FOCUS magazine and statista for our impressive and consistent increase in sales revenue. Now, we’re thrilled to announce our team is growing, too, as we announce the hiring of our new Senior Solution Architect & Presales Consultant, Patrice Chakroun.

Patrice brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge. Over the course of his career, he’s worn a few different hats, professionally. From working as a Developer to a Project Manager and Consultant for software implementation projects to his more recent work as a Presales Consultant, Patrice has always focused on technology and how it can enable businesses to operate with greater efficiency. For him, ScaleHub is a natural choice for his skills and interests.

“[ScaleHub’s] idea is awesome and future proofed,” he said. “I see here high benefits for many companies and enterprises to increase productivity and meet SLAs, and therefore boost customer satisfaction.”

This excitement goes both ways. Patrice shares ScaleHub’s commitment to designing best-of-breed solutions and providing peerless customer experience. Both goals start long before a sale ever happens and are key to cementing long-term relationships with our customers. Torsten Malchow, our Chief Revenue Officer, sees the hire as a win for us and our customers, explaining “Taking care of our customers is what makes us different, and this starts during the solution architecture and presales process. I am very happy Patrice has decided to support us on our journey.”

Though he lives in the Parisian suburb of Ile-de-France, joining ScaleHub is something of a homecoming for Patrice. He was born, raised and attended University in Hamburg, and is very much looking forward to returning to what he calls “this wonderful city” during trips to HQ.

Of course, it’s not all work and travel for Patrice. His three children, one dog and two cats keep him and his wife plenty busy. He’s currently bringing his customer service acumen to negotiations with his children over whether or not they’ll bring another cat and maybe some turtles into the house. He jokes that he’d like to enjoy his veto power for many years to come, but he’s also taught his children his motto: Where there is a will, there’s a way. We suggest he name the new cat “ScaleHub.”

Patrice’s first day with us will be November 1, and we are thrilled to welcome him aboard.

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