ScaleHub named a FOCUS Growth Champion 2021

We’re proud to announce that ScaleHub has been named a FOCUS Growth Champion 2021, and we couldn’t be more excited. This is the fifth year FOCUS Magazine has teamed up with online statistics portal statista to honor the 500 fastest growing companies in Germany.

This is a moment three years in the making: FOCUS and statista relied on the sales data of all participants between 2016 and 2019 to determine our rankings. In a field of 15,000 businesses competing, getting into the top 500 is definitely an achievement. Even better: ScaleHub ranked in the top 150 overall, and Top 15 among IT, Internet, software and services companies. We didn’t know what to expect when we were invited to apply, but we’re happy about the outcome.

What is a Growth Champion, anyway?

FOCUS says that businesses named growth champions “are innovators that are securing Germany as an attractive location in the long term.” We like being considered an innovator—ScaleHub is changing the way businesses process large volumes of data—but becoming a growth champion isn’t about ideas. It’s about sales growth and hard numbers that are reliable indicators of success.

To qualify for the competition, companies had to meet minimum revenue levels, be headquartered in Germany and operate as an independent business. To determine rankings, Statista analyzed the publicly available data for more than two million companies, then filtered down to 15,000 companies that showed impressive growth rates. These companies were then invited to participate by submitting and verifying their sales data—all of which was analyzed before the top 500 were revealed. You can find the official rankings in the upcoming October 2020 edition of FOCUS.

Getting on FOCUS magazine’s growth champion list for 2021 isn’t just based on our achieving a statistical milestone. It’s validation for a team that has put a lot of hard work into getting us to where we are today; it’s a recognition of our past successes and our potential for the future.

Onward and upward

Sales growth aside, we’re proud to be recognized for the work that we’re doing. We’ve had a lot of bright spots during a year of uncertainty: we welcomed new partners and filed a patent application for our latest innovation. ScaleHub’s speedy and accurate document processing helped one of our customers vastly improve their process of getting financial aid to students in need. ScaleHub users are now putting an average of 12,000 crowd contributors to work each day. Our automated solutions aren’t just helping our own business grow: they’re powering the growth of our customers, making them more agile, efficient and profitable. Who knows, maybe we’re helping them get onto next year’s list?

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