ScaleHub BPO Crowd Boost: Introducing Connected Women

By offering different BPO crowds, ScaleHub is able to include specialized expertise and greater value to our offering and allows us to better meet the unique needs of our enterprise clients.

ScaleHub is excited to continue that growth with an innovative, groundbreaking partner in the APAC region.

Introducing: Connected Women

As a rising star in the Philippines, Connected Women is the leading organization for empowerment in the digital economy for Filipino women.

In addition to their work, Connected Women is recognized globally for creating meaningful progress toward achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals, gaining recognition as a finalist in numerous challenges: the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge (ASIA), RSA Future Work Awards (UK), and the COVID-19 Action, UN Women, WEPs Awards (Philippines). They were also recognized as a Champion for e-Employment from WSIS (Geneva).

The Connected Women network has more than 50,000 women from the Philippines assigned to their community. In working with ScaleHub, Connected Women utilizes our crowdsourcing portal, while ScaleHub utilizes Connected Women’s vast network for private BPO Crowd use for clients.

Connected Women has become an essential crowdsourcing partner for ScaleHub, aligning with our top priorities in impact sourcing strategies: our goal is to work with companies that pay workers a fair wage and adhere to ethical working practices as part of our swiftly expanding activities in the APAC region.

A dynamic partnership

“When I met Connected Women Co-Founder & CEO Gina Romero and her team, I saw the passion and commitment that enabled them to have achieved so much. I really admire Gina’s drive and strategic approach,” said Torsten Malchow, ScaleHub’s Co-Founder and CRO, commenting on the new partnership.

He continued, “After working on our first project together, we saw how very dependable Connected Women is as a business partner. We see huge potential for future projects.”

“This is the perfect example of a human-centered business, and for years ScaleHub has followed impact sourcing strategies that directly implements AI-based routines to deliver timely payments to crowd contributors that are above the minimum wage within the country or state they are residing in. Adding Connected Women helps us to create and bring more remote work to female digital entrepreneurs of the Philippines. Bolstering their reach and impact, is another important step for us, ” Torsten concluded.

Commenting on their partnership, Gina Romero, Co-Founder & CEO of Connected Women, added, “Our mission is to empower women with skills and opportunities that drive the growth of the digital economy. Learning what ScaleHub has achieved with their managed service offering and fast-growing client bases in the US, Europe, Japan, and Australia confirms that we’ve found the best possible partner to grow our business, based on their collective intelligence portal.

She said, “The ScaleHub team onboarded us in no time. We already feel very comfortable as a BPO Crowd partner. The ScaleHub portal itself is very powerful—equipped with AI-based features and functions to process documents and to label objects. They’re bringing Computer Vision technology into the document processing market—which is certainly very unique.”

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