How ScaleHub fits crowds to function: 4 real-life examples


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All businesses, let alone industries, have varying amounts—and types—of information that need to be processed. Some need the help of a crowd that’s as unique as their data processing requirements.

At ScaleHub, we’ve been elevating the data processing game from the beginning, but we pride ourselves on finding new ways to bring our clients value. That’s why we configure different kinds of crowds to serve specific processing needs and functions.

Types of crowds

In a previous blog post, we discussed how ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing solution can be configured to work with a variety of crowds. These crowds break down into four types:

  • Public—a vast network of global crowd contributors who can safely process data quickly, efficiently, and accurately.
  • Private—secure crowds we configure when you want to only source contributors from within a specific region, workforce (including your own), or a contractor’s workforce.
  • BPO—private crowds we configure with BPOs that offer specialized data processing; for example, the processing of character-based languages or data from a particular industry.
  • Hybrid—crowds that combine two or more of the crowd types above to meet the specific needs of an organization.

Crowds in real life

So how do each of these crowds actually work? Let’s look at the positive impact our diverse selection of crowds can have with some real-world examples.

Public crowds are perfect for high-volume processing

The processing of prescriptions and related documents is notoriously difficult. Aside from the fact that there are few standards when it comes to data fields and formatting, most prescriptions are still handwritten. Unsurprisingly, a doctor’s illegible handwriting can cause a processing bottleneck for most automation solutions.

ScaleHub tackles this obstacle with our automated prescription processing solution utilizing public crowds.

First, prescriptions and related documents are automatically classified with our self-learning technology. Identifiable information, such as physician IDs, dates, plan numbers, or patient data, is snippeted using AI and sent to the global public crowd for verification via secure web browser. Unreadable or incomplete prescriptions are also routed to the crowd for manual classification and verification.

Even with a public crowd, ScaleHub complies with all data transmission regulations and guarantees data security through methods like scrambling and snippeting.


Private crowds keep data “under the umbrella”

Apart from prescriptions, health insurers also deal with high volumes of personal customer data.

A flush of new claims during busy months—such as flu season—creates demand that’s impossible to deliver on when private data security measures call for in-house verification and processing.

One of our clients wondered how they could safeguard its promise to deliver exceptional service when that meant fast—ideally straight-through—processing. Though fascinated by the concept of crowdsourcing, the client was limited by the inability to allow customer data to leave the organization.

The key was to incorporate ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing portal into the client’s own IT infrastructure. Then private crowd contributors were sourced only from within the client’s organization.

The result? Instant scalability. No data left the organization, and the insurer stayed within the bounds of regulation.

BPO crowds for all your unique needs

If public crowds help process data with speed, accuracy, and security using a global workforce and private crowds help organizations meet security needs with a predefined group of contributors, BPO crowds provide processing solutions for specialized needs.

Those needs can include character-based languages, specialized security, or historical documents, just to name a few.

Government clients face an uphill battle as they look to digitize enormous amounts of historical documents from decades past. Not to mention long hours deciphering handwritten text in notebooks, calendars, and files. And unfortunately, most of these documents arrive in bad shape.

However, with a BPO crowd specializing in historical document processing, government clients can quickly and accurately process data without hiring extra staff.

And ScaleHub’s BPO community is growing, in large part due to the promises we’re able to make, such as guaranteed SLAs, 99.x% data accuracy, and infinite scale.

Hybrid crowds bring in the best of all worlds

Sometimes data verification and processing aren’t linear. Organizations might need a mix of one or two of the crowds above to meet their needs instead of solely utilizing a public, private, or BPO crowd.

This was the case for a client that needed to process high-volume data with speed and accuracy but required an extra level of security for highly sensitive information.

ScaleHub configured a hybrid crowd to tackle the client’s pain points.

In this case, the client’s applicants would upload their documents directly to the client’s portal. Basic data would then be snippeted and sent to the public crowd for verification, while more sensitive information, such as social security numbers, would go to a BPO crowd.

Thanks to the hybrid crowd, our client was able to meet its unique processing structure requirements and reduce operating costs by 30% YOY.

Learn more about crowd fit

Check out our new video to find out how crowds can provide speed, accuracy, and security to data processing while adhering to the unique needs of organizations and industries.

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