Virtual executive session: Wow customers with exponentially faster claims & benefits processing

Why are insurance companies still losing customers?

Is it the product? The cost? A change in the market? Competition?

The answer is simpler than that: slow and convoluted processing of claims and benefits has driven customers toward other companies and business models.

Partners, customers, and German-speaking friends:
 join us and alternus at 9:30 CEST on 14 July for a virtual executive session that explores how insurance companies can differentiate themselves through small changes–with big impact.

Outside of buying or renewing an insurance policy, interaction between customer and insurer is only initiated when there is an incident that requires the former to contact the latter.

This means insurance companies are most at risk of attrition once their customers file a claim.

Customers expect a timely resolution to their claim. They expect a transparent process to receive their benefits. But that’s not what happens, and out of sheer frustration, they’re jumping ship to other providers.

Status quo is no longer good enough

Insurance companies must find ways to differentiate themselves and fulfill customer demand for speed and transparency. In an upcoming virtual executive session hosted by alternus and ScaleHub—Increase Customer Satisfaction: How to Speed up Claims & Benefits Processing (Kundenzufriedenheit erhöhen – Geschwindigkeit in der Abwicklung der Schaden- und Leistungsabwicklung in German)—we’ll examine these new, innovative approaches to claims and benefits processing with industry experts.

What to expect

Join the virtual executive session to hear expert insights from Marcus Wollny, CIO of Deutsche Familienversicherung AG, and Christoph Müller, COO of Real Garant Versicherung AG (part of the Zurich Insurance Group).

ScaleHub AG is proud to contribute to the conversation with real-life examples, and will show how collective intelligence solutions have changed the game for global customers. 

This engaging German-language virtual executive session will be held on Thursday, 14 July, from 9:30 am CEST to 12:30 pm CEST.

Not a German speaker?

Stay tuned for a summary of key takeaways in English following the session.

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