The magic behind our crowdsourcing solutions

Before I get into the magic behind ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing solution, let’s talk about why crowdsourcing is so relevant when it comes to processing content.

Content processing automation platforms have been around for a while, but despite their longevity and widespread use, no one platform has achieved even close to a 100% automation rate. There are simply still too many technical limitations.

Those technical limitations are incredibly frustrating for the line-of-business leaders to whom purchasing decisions often fall nowadays. That frustration mounts when they seek out solutions for tasks like data verification, data entry and data labelling. Plus, what good does it do to automate business processes if staff still need to supervise the automation software and correct its errors?

Rather than source separate solutions for these repetitive tasks, line-of-business leaders can simply crowdsource the work. Crowdsourcing doesn’t only support the public cloud—a managed crowd could be a mixture of public, private and hybrid cloud. ScaleHub partners with traditional data capture providers and large scanner manufacturers to support installations where the goal is frictionless automation.

What makes the ScaleHub crowdsourcing solution unique?

Now we know why crowdsourcing certain repetitive tasks is a great way to overcome hurdles in a process automation chain. But crowdsourcing is nothing more than a concept; for long-term repeatable success you need a solution that tailors crowdsourcing to your needs.

What makes ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing solution unique? Here are five differentiators:

1) Tailored to the needs of enterprises, BPOs & shared service centers. 

The ScaleHub team has, combined, hundreds of years of experience in data processing for these kinds of organizations, and our solutions are finely tuned to the corresponding market requirements.

2) Massive & immediate scaling. 

Of the 2.3 million crowd-workers in the addressable ScaleHub community, an average of 12,000 registered workers support our customers each day, securing any requested level of scale.

3) Accuracy as close to perfect as possible. 

Supports both the business decision-maker and the business user with close to 100% data accuracy and increased throughput.

4) Regulatory compliance: 

Achieved internationally valid TÜV certification in Germany and HIPAA compliance for the US market.

5) Data privacy & security: 

By providing only snippets to the crowd and scrambling highly sensitive information, we ensure full security of personal data. Our team knows data security and protection requirements inside out and we’ve never had a data breach.

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Visit our solution page for a deeper dive into the magic behind the ScaleHub crowdsourcing solution, or schedule your free demo to see our solutions live.


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