Scaling up with ScaleHub: Real Garant

After performing a thorough market evaluation, Real Garant, a wholly-owned insurance brand within the Zurich Insurance Group, decided to optimize their claims management process using ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing portal.

Real Garant values innovation and strives to provide continual top-notch service to their customers. That’s why they look to clean data acquired from ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing portal to optimize their processes and scale business output.

Who is Real Garant?

Real Garant, headquartered near Stuttgart in Denkendorf, Germany, serves 33 European countries from their regional offices in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Hungary.

In addition, Real Garant is represented locally by their own sales and service employees in 17 countries. Real Garant offers a wide range of products and services, including warranty insurance, self-warranties, maintenance contracts, mobility guarantees, and long-term warranty insurance.

Nearly 7,300 partners rely on Real Garant and the Real Garant ecosystem to help them continuously develop better customer relationships and increase their earnings on a long-term basis.

Leveraging growth within a vast network

Today, the claims management process is mainly paper-based, and involves multiple input channels.

As an international company that provides services to multiple communities and offers support in many languages, Real Garant needed a solution that not only simplified the process and optimized the ecosystem, but supported Real Garant’s diverse communication network.

That’s why Real Garant chose ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing portal as their process optimization solution. Automating the claims management process was the logical next step to boost service quality for Real Garant’s ecosystem and support employees to ease the claims management process.

By digitizing all documents through ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing portal, both Real Garant and the ecosystem will benefit through:

  • More accurate claims regulations thanks to the high accuracy of ScaleHub’s stellar technology.

  • Faster approvals based on extracted and verified data because of the crowdsourcing portal’s AI capabilities.

  • Reliable response time based on guaranteed SLAs from ScaleHub.

  • Greater focus on sustaining a high quality of assistance from Real Garant ’s experienced customer service team.

Ultimately, ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing portal offers Real Garant peace of mind with support in all European languages.

Agility and innovation

“Real Garant is always implementing new and innovative solutions such as ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing portal,” said Christoph Müller Müler, Real Garant’s Chief Operating Officer, commenting on their decision to work with ScaleHub.

“No other company was able to show us a concept like the ScaleHub team did. We’re looking forward to a successful European-wide rollout in all subsidiaries as soon as we can, to synchronize and optimize the claims management process.”

“ScaleHub is excited and proud to work with Real Garant management. Both of our companies draw many similarities through team and culture. Like ScaleHub, Real Garant is a very agile and innovative company—always looking for the best solution for their customers,” said Torsten Malchow, Chief Revenue Officer at ScaleHub.

“Data accuracy and SLA are top of mind for Real Garant. That’s why they chose ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing solution, which offers the cleanest data possible, along with SLA requirements based on our large global workforce of 2.3M workers,” he added.

“The ScaleHub team is proud to serve Real Garant for the next five years in a variety of areas.”

Is it time to scale your business?

ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing portal harnesses the power of 2.3 million workers to bring you protected clean data to optimize your data entry processes. Learn more here or contact us today for a 30-min demo.

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