ScaleHub to sponsor 2023 InsurTech Spring Conference and will join AI panel discussion

If your insurance organization is still, like most, struggling to collaborate as effectively as possible, consider joining us in New York City at the 2023 InsurTech spring conference on March 29th-30th. 

Hosted by InsurTech, your go-to source for trends in insurance technology since 2019, this year’s conference will focus on how to harness more functional collaboration between carriers, brokers, and risk managers. 

We’re proud to join other experienced insurance professionals and presenters with a discussion on the future of AI in filing insurance claims—we’ll even cover how ChatGPT might impact claims processing in the next decade.

What to expect 

This two-day conference is offering an information-packed agenda with concrete guidance on getting rid of bottlenecks in your insurance organization or those that exist within the insurance ecosystem. The conference is organized by insurance type: day one will focus on Property and Casualty and day two will feature sessions on Life and Health. 

ScaleHub will participate in a panel discussion, “Using AI in Claims Management” on day two of the conference, Thursday, March 30, 2023 at 2:50 pm. Dan Dubiner, our Co-Founder and CTO, will join industry experts Bill Keogh, The Institutes Non-Executive Chair; Sri Ramaswamy, Founder & CEO; and Randel Bennett Swiss Re VP, Strategic Partnerships. 

Dan will discuss how with the combination of AI, like ChatGPT, and collective intelligence, insurers are looking at an unprecedented advancement for next-generation claims processing—making things possible like lightning speed, 99.x% accuracy, and scalability that’s (almost) infinite.

The full ScaleHub team will also be at booth number 5 on the expo floor, ready to answer questions and offer demonstrations around how collective intelligence and crowdsourcing are being leveraged by its insurance customers around the world today, reducing claims document processing to under an hour. 

We’d love to connect in person if you’re already planning to attend; book a meeting with us. Aren’t signed up to join us in New York yet? Register now and browse through the full agenda here.

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 The takeaway

After this event, you’ll be able to dissect the possible bottlenecks between your organization and external stakeholders, identify those that are dragging processes to a halt, and make actionable steps to correct them. 

We know you’ll leave this conference, and especially our panel discussion, with the knowledge needed to make a beneficial change that maximizes your insurer value chain to its fullest potential and gets you thinking far ahead into the future. 

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Curious about how ScaleHub is able to effectively automate insurance claim document processing in under an hour? Read more about our claims processing solution here.

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