ScaleHub to present at Crowdsourcing Data Annotation & AI virtual event

If you suspect your business’s data has value you haven’t yet fully accessed, check out the upcoming Crowdsourcing Data Annotation & AI virtual event.

Hosted by Crowdsourcing Week, the October 20 event will offer the perfect line-up for those looking to improve how they work with organizational data. Crowdsourcing Week understands that the best business decisions are made by having access to, and an understanding of, this information. The week’s sessions focus on how best to label, process, and access data, ensuring organizations can gain actionable insights.

What to expect

Get your ticket to learn more about how to make data work for your organization  The roundtable-style presentation kicks off at 5PM CET, and will cover crowdsourcing, data, and AI—all wrapped up in an hour and a half. 

You can expect to gain a deeper understanding of how you can best process and label data so it can be a valuable asset to your business, supporting your business with volumes of structured data to inform more precise decision-making.

ScaleHub crowdsourcing expert,  Susanne Richter-Wills, Vice President of Sales EMEA, will be sharing what our collective intelligence solutions are all about. She’ll cover how we help our customers process data faster, more accurately and at a lower cost. Tune in to hear more about our unique approach, which combines HI and AI. Susanne will also be available for the Q&A session after the presentation.

Along with Susanne, expect to receive first class advice from Crowdsourcing Week founder and CEO, Epi Ludvik, Jeff Mills, Chief Revenue Officer of imerit, and Sujatha Sagiraju, Chief Product Officer of Appen.

The takeaway

We’re positive that after this virtual event you’ll be able to take actionable points back to your business to help you better understand your data processing and extract more insights from that data. Claim your ticket now.

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