ScaleHub to exhibit at Connected Claims USA 2022

We are thrilled to announce that ScaleHub will exhibit their scalable automated collective intelligence solutions at Connected Claims USA 2022, held in Chicago from November 2nd to November 4th.

Sponsored by Reuters, the Connected Claims conference and trade show aims to bring together companies, partners, and technologies in the claims processing space to discover new and innovative ways to streamline the claims process and to “create the competitive edge to be a winning claims organization.”

ScaleHub will be located at Booth 624.

Claims processing can be an uphill battle

It’s no secret that submitting a claim is a make-or-break moment for an insurance company. A customer might remain loyal, renewing their policy for years until they need to use it. But when the moment comes for them to submit a claim, a slow, stagnated process can cause them to jump ship.

Accenture conducted a customer expectation survey and found that 94% of respondents indicated speed and transparency as key expectations of the claims process. 83% switched or were planning to switch from their insurer. More alarming than that, 41% were planning to switch even if they had a positive experience.

Why do happy customers leave?

Understandably, insurance customers want their claims processed quickly and efficiently. But satisfied customers leaving insurers? That’s less clear. It’s also not a problem that haunts auto insurers alone. It can happen across various insurance types: health, auto, and workers’ compensation. Apart from the likely negative event that spurs the need to file a claim, there may be one stage of the process that makes the most significant impact on this: the document submission stage.

A customer needs to submit any and all documents that go into supporting their claim. The claim process can see many handwritten elements in both documents and forms. For fully digital and mobile companies, customers can easily upload these documents or take a picture of them. Companies that are still paper-based require emails, faxes, or even mail-in documents.

Images submitted in support of a claim come in various formats and file images. Information must be drawn from those documents and standardized to maintain a quick, seamless process. Companies that aren’t set up to rapidly extract that information could spend hours pulling information from incoming documents. Worse than that, much of it could be incorrect.

Collective intelligence changes all of this

ScaleHub transforms the claims process and boosts the customer experience with collective intelligence. By sourcing global contributors and combining their unique human capabilities with state-of-the-art AI-driven technology, ScaleHub’s solutions enable insurers to process claims faster and with accuracy of over 99%.

Visit us at booth 624 at Connected Claims to learn more or book an introduction to a faster, more optimized version of the claims process that also scales with your company.

Can’t make it to Connected Claims?

Tune into a ScaleHub webinar on November 17 to learn more about the obstacles in the claims process and how our hybrid solution is changing the game for insurance companies. Register by clicking this link.

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