Inspiration, conversation, knowledge sharing & fun: ScaleHub & Skilja host “Geht nicht, gibt’s nicht”

Our annual ScaleHub customer and partner meet-up gets bigger and better with each year, and 2019 was no exception. Held in Hamburg, Germany, “Geht nicht, gibts’s nicht”, which can be loosely translated as “anything is possible”, was a hotbed of interesting discussion around scalability.

Is it possible to easily and flexibly scale processes, IT infrastructure and workforce—without ifs or buts?

Does limitless scalability exist? Where can we get with new generations of solutions?

These were the kinds of questions we discussed with our customers and partners in Hamburg.

Keynote highlights

Alexander Goerke (CEO and founder of Skilja) and Ralf Göbel (COO and Co-founder of ScaleHub) kicked off the conference with a keynote on the new dimensions of scalability. Their lively talk focused on the requirements companies have to fulfil today to stay competitive, including the limitations—those ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’—we all must face and overcome. They also shared a much anticipated update on new product development and our roadmap.

Customer presentations

We had the good fortune to hear directly from two customers, Community Brands from the US and Ratiodata from Germany, as well as from our partner and event sponsor, ABBYY:

Kendra Foss, Product Manager for Community Brands’ K-12 Financial Aid Solutions, travelled all the way from the US to share her company’s experience using the ScaleHub crowdsourcing solution. Kendra walked us through how ScaleHub’s unique combination of artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing helped Community Brands cut document verification from two weeks to less than two daysand improve accuracy from less than 70% to 99.9%. Today, Community Brands can scale document verification as much or as quickly as needed.

Tim Gottschalk, Head of Scan and Document Services at Ratiodata, demonstrated the automatic document classification Ratiodata uses to optimize the processing of credit records at Volksbanken/Raiffeisenbanken—to the tune of immensely reduced manual data entry and handling.

Susanne Richter-Wills, Head of DACH Enterprise Sales at ABBYY, spoke about “ABBYY Vantage—AI skills for RPA projects with quick ROI.” In her talk, Susanne shared the most common reasons that robotic process automation (RPA) projects fail, and the keys to success that must be considered.

Most importantly, the event was a fun opportunity to relax and network with likeminded professionals in the amazing city of Hamburg. The highlight of the event was surely the party we hosted for customers at restaurant and market hall, Hobenköök.

Many thanks to our sponsor and partner, ABBYY. Stay tuned for details about the next “Geht nicht, gibt’s nicht” in 2020.


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