Electronic Health Records (EHR): How to Achieve Healthcare Data Accuracy with AI and Human Intelligence

Even with technological innovation, electronic health records (EHRs) are still in disarray. Yet evolving through various forms, from paper to the cloud, the format of collecting patient histories has changed concurrently to accommodate these shifts. But regardless of these adaptations, healthcare organizations still struggle to keep up.

As the use of advanced technologies increases and regulations demand security and uniformity, organizations need to evolve to meet changing needs. Read on to learn how your organization can prepare and scale without missing a beat—thanks to a unique combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence (HI).

Preparing for a new generation of EHRs

According to a recent report from Deloitte, “many users want their EHRs to do more. Nineteen percent of the CHIME survey respondents were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their organization’s EHR system, with another 11% neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. Even respondents who were satisfied (70%) stated that aspects of their current EHR system wouldn’t be able to meet future needs.”

Even though an industry-wide shift has seen movement toward electronic medical records, paper persists in clinics, labs, ambulatory surgery centers, and outpatient facilities. Paper documents will be scanned or faxed for inclusion into a patient’s file, but it creates a stalled process as health provider administrators attempt to unite patient health data, wading through errors and duplications. In the same report, interviewees mentioned that attempting to change the way clinicians chart has been met with tension, usually because of the need to satisfy other requirements, such as billing and regulatory reporting.

Instead of getting clinicians to change their process, we think it’s better to meet in the middle—with a hybrid approach using both AI and HI. ScaleHub’s collective intelligence solution can help streamline the EHR unification process by seamlessly incorporating patient data from paper medical records with existing EHRs.

Technology-enabled managed service ecosystem for EHRs

In Deloitte’s report, “Seventy-one percent of respondents were interested in adopting AI/ML in the next three to five years … and close to half of survey respondents are planning to move or are already moving their EHRs to the cloud.” The report also cites “the lack of intelligent automation, insight-driven processes, and workflow” as the top EHR constraint to moving to the future of health.

ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing solution doesn’t rely on AI alone. It combines speed with the accuracy and oversight of HI to remedy the gap and help organizations scale instantly to growth. And even though healthcare data breaches are on the rise, organizations that have moved patient data to the cloud have experienced fewer breaches. In addition to being a cloud technology, ScaleHub deploys methods such as snippeting and scrambling to provide enhanced data security.

Human intelligence-powered data for improved EHRs

Technological advances like AI have augmented how EHRs are compiled and processed. But it needs the power of HI to ensure accuracy.

Crowdsourcing is the ideal solution for scaling medical record classification, and indexing scanned documents and images. ScaleHub’s medical records solution combines AI with Human Intelligence (HI) to accelerate the speed and scale of separating, classifying, extracting data, and indexing fields from medical record documents to achieve healthcare data accuracy (over 99%) for your electronic health records (EHR) system which enables providers to deliver overall better patient care. All of this can be accomplished while satisfying data privacy regulations and HIPAA compliance. Watch the recording of our recent webinar “Achieve Healthcare Data Accuracy with Collective Intelligence” to learn more. 

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Innovation can seem futuristic, but a solution for EHR unification can happen now. Learn more about ScaleHub’s collective intelligence solution combining AI and HI to streamline patient data with over 99% accuracy. Speak with an expert today.

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