Deep Analysis names ScaleHub an Innovation Index Award Winner for second year in a row

It can be challenging to “move the needle” in a market with as many offerings as the information and process automation management industry. However, from among more than 150 briefings, ScaleHub was selected by Deep Analysis as one of only seven organizations to be awarded a prestigious 2022 Innovation Index Award.

It’s thrilling to be recognized for our ongoing commitment to excellence and challenging the status quo, but also to do it twice in two consecutive years; we join Microsoft as the only two companies to be awarded this honor a second time. Deep Analysis noted of its winners: “at the core of their inclusion is their ability to reframe, rethink, and reinvent.”

The right combination of human and artificial intelligence

In its report published alongside the winner announcement, Deep Analysis identified ScaleHub’s innovative approach to data capture, which combines crowd platforms and AI for greater accuracy and processing scale, as being key to its unique approach.

Of ScaleHub, the report reads: “Using crowd platforms to augment AI-based capture makes a great deal of sense. AI certainly improves the speed of capture processing and accuracy rates, but it has its limitations. Layering crowd-based microtasking into the equation can take those accuracy levels and scalability to another level.”

It’s exciting to see organizations beyond our customers recognize just how well this approach works to address long-time limitations of traditional data capture solutions, which we often complement with our technologies in customer environments. This human-meets-AI approach is at the heart of both our development and partnership strategies.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder of Deep Analysis says: “There has been a lot of innovation in the industry over the past few years, after many years of little to no change. But ScaleHub stands out from the crowd: With their unique approach of securely and seamlessly combining Human and Artificial Intelligence for automated document processing, they are offering a path to true 100 percent data accuracy.”

How the Deep Analysis award is determined

Deep Analysis is a US-based analysis firm focused on enterprise software technologies related to unstructured data management. It developed the award in 2021, which is “100% independent, includes both clients and non-clients, is open to large and emerging vendors, and represents those organizations that provided [Deep Analysis] with a ‘wow’ moment.”

Innovation Index Award winners must meet at least three of four criteria defined in its report to be considered for the award, which does not take size or revenue into its analysis:
● Solves problems
● Applies ingenuity
● Adds value
● Shows flexibility

Growth fueled by innovation

Torsten Malchow, ScaleHub CRO, says: “Since the last win, our customer base, partners and teams around the world have grown in numbers and expertise. This award is an honor and a wonderful acknowledgement of the dedicated, innovative work the ScaleHub global team executes every day to get our solution into the marketplace. Many thanks to Deep Analysis for recognizing us for this award. We can’t wait to see what 2023 brings.

Curious to learn more about how we do what we do? Our blog is a great place to start.

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