Continued growth at ScaleHub: Claus Meggers joins as Senior Customer Success Manager

The ScaleHub team is expanding yet again! Along with the addition of Susanne Richter-Wills as VP Sales EMEA, we’re pleased to welcome Claus Meggers as Senior Customer Success Manager.

Claus will work in pre-sales and sales to develop and implement a world-class customer success program. He plans to hit the ground running at ScaleHub, developing partner enablement porgrams, supporting global sales activities, and implementing post-sale plans with our fast-growing international customer base.

When asked why he’s excited to join ScaleHub, Claus mentioned that the company is on the verge of becoming a significant player as it handles demanding high-volume projects globally.

“This is super exciting,” said Claus, “and I want to play an active part in ScaleHub’s story. My twenty-year career working for major players of the intelligent document processing (IDP) industry like ReadSoft, Kofax and ABBYY, has prepared me for the challenge ahead.”

He continued, “One of my reasons for joining ScaleHub is its expertise in management and staff. I have known most of the ScaleHub team members for many years. They are an innovative, world-class team of experts in the IDP space—this is true for both projects and the product. Based on my experience with European partners, I can say that this expertise is hard to beat.”

“And the technology developed by the ScaleHub R&D team augments this. From the sidelines, I’ve been following the development of the managed services offering. Every time Ralf and Dan [ScaleHub COO and CTO] have demonstrated a new feature or capability, they’ve triggered a wow-effect for me. It’s super cool tech!”

Claus concluded, “The world is going to change dramatically in this decade. Electric mobility and green energy are rising, and COVID-19 is forcing internet-based technology into every relationship between companies, governments, and people. This opens up new types of relationships between BPOs, their customers, and people all over the world who are capable of doing verification work for them. ScaleHub is able to bridge the gap and form new relationships through its network of partners, crowd contributors, and technology.”

Commenting on Claus’s new role, Torsten Malchow, ScaleHub CRO said, “Pre-sales and customer success are critical parts of our business. I’ve long felt that the pre-sales role is underestimated in most software and service companies. My experience is that no account executive gets all the critical data regarding challenges and the significant drivers for a project like pre-sales can.

“Claus is the perfect fit to expand our team. This is the third time I have hired Claus; the first was for Foxray, then ABBYY, and now ScaleHub. We have always been able to develop substantial business together. Our global customers, prospects, and partners will love working with Claus because of his deep knowledge of our managed services offering.”

Claus is located in Hamburg, Germany, with his wife Julia, son Lennart, twin daughters Elise and Mathilda, and their two cats: Kalle and Lula. He stays active with gym visits two to three times a week and prefers walking over driving whenever possible.

In the summer, you’ll find Claus in his garden with friends and his kids. In the winter, he likes to ski whenever time permits. Before COVID restrictions, he and Julia enjoyed traveling and they hope to do so again soon.

Please help us welcome Claus to the ScaleHub team!

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