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Our CTO, Dan Dubiner, and newly minted CRO, Torsten Malchow, were highlighted in a recent issue of Ralph Gammon’s Document Imaging Report.

In the article, Ralph Gammon provides a great overview of where ScaleHub has been, and where we’re headed. Read on for a summary, or download a pdf version of the article.

The future of data capture

With our use of crowdsourcing (collective intelligence) to drive AI-based document capture, ScaleHub has been on the forefront of what Harvey Spencer Associates coined “Capture 2.0”: capture services that incorporate things like multiple types of input, utilization of cloud services, and the application of intelligence for better understanding of content.

The Document Imaging Report article focuses on ScaleHub’s further expansion into Capture 2.0 with capture for computer vision applications. As our CTO explained, up until recently, the use of capture has been somewhat limited to operational data: “You use capture software or a service bureau to extract information from documents. But, what happens if you need data related to computer vision?“

Customer-led focus expansion

At ScaleHub, we’ve served the needs of BPOs for many years. In recent years, we’ve been seeing some of our customers begin to offer capture services for needs outside of processing operational data. Dan explained: “In particular, we’ve seen them take on training for AI applications.“

To answer the needs of these forward-thinking BPO customers, we developed a set of services to quickly label mass amounts of images and video so that they can be put to use training computer vision and NLP type technologies. These labelling techniques include 2D bounding boxes, polygons and semantic segmentation—and the list continues to grow.

Don’t think this expansion means we’re abandoning the document capture market, however. Dan said in the interview: “We are just extending the spectrum of what we are covering. Closer to documents, we can also utilize our platform to extend into areas like NLP for transcribing classification data.”

Building upon experience

Torsten Malchow, Chief Revenue Officer here at ScaleHub since 1 January, believes our experience working with enterprises and delivering the level of customer service and scalability they expect will be a great advantage as our customers transition into new markets. With an experienced sales leader in the newly created role of CRO, we are preparing for growth.

Additionally, Torsten’s experience working for traditional capture vendors is an advantage. He explained: “I know the limitations of their products, especially in the current market. It’s our combination of artificial and human intelligence that differentiates us from traditional capture vendors.”

Want more?

Download the full Document Imaging Report article, or read more about Torsten and Dan.

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