Antonello Salamone joins the EMEA team as Director of Strategic Accounts

As our customer base grows each month, so does our ScaleHub team. Most recently we welcomed Antonello Salamone, who brings along more than 12 years of expertise in the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) market. His impressive track record and extensive knowledge make him a valuable asset to our growing team in his role as Director of Strategic Accounts—EMEA.

Antonello’s journey with ScaleHub marks a reunion with VP of Partnerships–EMEA, Susanne Richer-Wills, who had the pleasure of working with him previously at ABBYY. Throughout his career, Antonello has excelled in enterprise, BPO, and partner sales. “He will never say this himself,” Susanne points out, “but he has consistently been one of the top performers, gaining the trust of companies like Mercedes Benz, and Metro.”

An international professional

Residing in Hagen, near Dortmund in Germany, Italian-born Antonello adds the richness of his heritage and broad language skills to our diverse EMEA team.

In his new role, he will primarily focus on serving DACH customers and partners, while also leveraging his expertise to open doors with Italian BPOs and enterprises. Antonello’s approach and deep understanding of the market will play a crucial role in furthering our EMEA sales strategy.

A sales executive focused on optical character recognition (OCR) and digital intelligence, Antonello has an exceptional understanding of the industry. His attraction to ScaleHub’s technology lies in its unique combination of artificial intelligence (AI) with human intelligence (HI); he’s seen first-hand how standard automation can only get us so far. Antonello was particularly impressed by the scalability of our technology, and ScaleHub’s ability to provide organizations with the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing project needs.

Antonello himself shares his enthusiasm for joining the team, saying, “I’m proud to be part of the ScaleHub family, and I’m confident that we can make a significant impact as we increase customers’ operational efficiency. This kind of improved experience with such high levels of automation, I think, will make us very successful.”

When he’s not focused on work, Antonello enjoys time with his spouse and two teenage children. He’s a big fan of football and barbecuing with friends and family.

“Dedication, expertise, and passion”

On behalf of our global team, Susanne warmly welcomes Antonello, stating, “His dedication, expertise, and passion align perfectly with our mission of providing cutting-edge solutions and driving operational efficiency for our valued customers. Antonello is sure to be a great asset to our team, and I’m so pleased he joined us. Wishing you all the very best in your new role, Antonello!”

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