A deep dive with IAN into dramatic reductions in document verification time with 99.x% accuracy

The Intelligent Automation Network (IAN) is a network of thought leaders in enterprise transformation, with focus areas including scalability, transformation, and resiliency—precisely why we chose to partner with them for our next educational session and case study.

Join IAN and ScaleHub for a webinar on December 8. We’ll host a conversation with Kendra Foss, Community Brands’ product manager, to reveal how this leading provider of cloud-based software to K-12 schools was able to save 30% in processing costs year over year by dramatically reducing document verification time with crowdsourcing and AI.

The webinar will provide insight into how Community Brands increased their operational capacity by harnessing the massive processing power of a global, 24/7 on-demand workforce. In addition to discussing how document verification time was cut from two weeks to less than two days, Kendra will explain how the accuracy, speed, and data privacy achieved with crowdsourcing benefited the organization and its customers.

Virtual case study:
Using Crowdsourcing to Cut Document Verification Time by 85%


Tuesday, December 8, 2020
11:00 AM EST

Kendra Foss is a great resource on how crowdsourcing solutions fit into the overall processing needs of an organization. She’ll take questions during the live webinar, so please join us to learn more about Community Brands’ landscape and how they addressed their processing challenges.

We’ll see you there!

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