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For the fastest, most accurate straight-through processing of any volume of documents

How does it Work

OCR. AI. OCR with AI. These technologies still can't deliver the near-perfect document process automation standards demanded today.

Where technology fails, human intelligence steps up. By combining scalable human expertise in the form of crowdsourcing with the best of AI, ScaleHub delivers unmatched results and cost savings for customers.

Community Brands boosts data privacy and accuracy, slashes tax form processing time

Community Brands, a leader in K-12 financial aid processing, needed a faster and more accurate way to validate the info provided in tax forms as part each online aid application.

challenge: faster, more accurate application processing during annual volume peak

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data accuracy
(up from 70%)

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reduction in
turnaround time


savings in
operational costs

"It's almost overwhelming at times the forms that we work across. That's what initially encouraged us to look for a new solution to that, right? Because the speed in operation was always being stressed ... [with ScaleHub] we were able to streamline what was normally a seven-to-ten day process and move that down to 48-hour process.”
Craig Dodson
Community Brands' Director of Financial Aid

crowdsourcing data entry with ScaleHub

Here's how ScaleHub makes data entry >99% accurate and massively scalable.


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your benefits with ScaleHub

super-human accuracy

Smart algorithms. A proven quality control system. AI and human intelligence. It’s all part of an equation that yields the highest-quality data outcomes.

turnaround time guarantees

Dividing and conquering processing volumes between AI and a global crowd of  24/7 contributors means we can guarantee turnaround times as quick as one hour.

any volume of documents

Our cloud-native, fully automated crowdsourcing platform divides document processing tasks among a global crowd of more than 2.3M available 24/7. No job is too big.

volume fluctuations? no worries

Unanticipated volume increases are seamlessly processed with no hit to performance. Our patent-pending load balancer scales workloads as needed.

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