How ScaleHub fits crowds to function: 4 real-life examples

All businesses, let alone industries, have varying amounts—and types—of information that need to be processed. Some need the help of a crowd that’s as unique as their data processing requirements.

At ScaleHub, we\’ve been elevating the data processing game from the beginning, but we pride ourselves on finding new ways to bring our clients value. That’s why we configure different kinds of crowds to serve specific processing needs and functions.

New video: Why creating community in crowdsourcing is key

Keying in small bits of data that appear on a screen seems simple enough, but finding skilled contributors is absolutely critical to successful crowdsourcing. Not surprisingly, some companies have struggled to get accurately processed data using large public crowdsourcing platforms. For those on the unfortunate end of a bad experience, crowdsourcing failed to deliver consistent …

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New video: How ScaleHub applies AI to crowdsourcing

Behind one bit of technology stands another piece of technology that can make a process happen even more effectively. Our last video touched on how microtasking—breaking up larger tasks into smaller pieces— makes crowdsourcing possible through snippeting. But what technology makes snippeting possible? How is certain information identified and snippeted before it’s sent to crowd …

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New video: Crowdsourcing data entry — How it works

“Data-driven decision making” is a term we’ve all heard by now, but what happens when the data driving business decisions is inaccurate? It’s no secret that the task of data entry is infamously inaccurate and nearly impossible to scale, but how great is the threat that “bad” data—most often the result of human error—poses to an organization?

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